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SB Virtual Jewellery Service

This post takes your through our virtual engagement ring service step by step.

For those looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery other than an engagement ring, we will start with the same first step and then formalise a personal plan to you, depending on the desired design.

1) Initial Discussion
We like to start the process by having an informal discussion on the phone or Zoom to establish any design ideas, concepts, and a budget with you. Do not fear if you don’t know where to start, we can use this time to work through any questions you may have and we can run you through multiple design and cost options. We can also take you through anything you need to know re. diamonds and or coloured stones such as the 4C’s which are used to grade the quality of diamonds.
We like to break the full process down into stages to make it a little less confusing, so we start with the central stone and then build the ring out from here…

2) Choosing a Central Stone
Whether the centre stone of your engagement ring is a diamond or a coloured gemstone this is usually where the majority of your budget ends up, therefore, it’s important we work through this stage until we have the perfect centre piece. All our stone selections are done specifically to the individual client’s design ideas and budgets. We do not hold stock of stones; dealers lend them to us so that we can tailor the options specifically to you.

In order for you to be able to see the stones and make your initial selection, we send you pictures and videos showing the stones as a set for you to be able to compare and contrast. Once you have chosen your shortlist of stones, this is when we definitely suggest a video call if possible. Here we can discuss each stone individually and discuss together which one we feel makes for the best choice, quality and affordability. Videos and certificates now make choosing a stone, even remotely, quite easy.

Once we have chosen a central stone, we begin to develop this into a ring whilst giving you some varying cost options based on the surrounding stones, design ideas and metal choice.


3) Mock-ups
We can mock-up any of the discussed design ideas in 2D until we have one that you are happy with. These drawings will be to scale so you can print them and see what the final piece will look like size wise. This is very helpful throughout the process when you are looking at different sized stones, as well as playing around with different designs, and what these do to the costs of the finished ring. All our design sheets will have all inc. maximum costs on them.

Only once we have chosen a central stone and discussed all design ideas/gone through the mock-ups do I ask for part payment of 50%. (the balance is due on completion in the hope that we have come in under the max. cost but in the knowledge that whatever the maximum cost is on the design sheet this will be the worst case scenario, so long as the design hasn’t changed.)

At this stage we begin to develop the ring itself…

4) CAD (Computer Aided Design)
We make all our rings using computer aided design and manufacturing, so once we have established a design you will be able to see real photo mock-ups in 3D of your finished ring. You can then make any/as many amendments to it before we make the finished product.

5) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) & Finishing
From the above designs we print a 3D wax of the ring in multiple pieces. This is then cast in your choice of metal and using traditional hand mounting and setting techniques we finish the ring as specified.

THE END – your ring is ready for the proposal and it’s over to you…