Jewellery Transformations

Our Jewellery Transformations service was created to breathe new life into old treasures, whether it’s an inherited brooch that is beautiful but unwearable or an antique ring too fragile to contend with daily wear.

Whatever you prefer to call it, upcycling, recycling, remodelling or repurposing old jewellery is a brilliant way of transforming outdated pieces into contemporary jewels that will be loved and worn frequently. At Sophie Breitmeyer, we have overseen hundreds of Jewellery Transformations, from resetting antique gems into a new engagement ring to reworking an entire collection of inherited pieces. If you have an old, unworn jewel that is in need of a new lease of life, please get in touch.

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1. The Appointment

This is your opportunity to share the pieces you would like transformed with Sophie and the team. During the appointment, which is usually in person but can be virtual, we will answer any questions you may have, discuss what you want to achieve with your Jewellery Transformation and talk you through the different stages of the process in more detail.

2. The Design

Whether you are looking to reuse gemstones in a completely new jewel or wish to retain a little of the spirit of the original, most Jewellery Transformations involve an element of redesign. Once a design has been agreed on from the selection provided to you, we will translate it into a 3D imagery that shows exactly what your jewel will look like from all angles.

3. The Transformation

The craftspeople in our London workshop oversee every Jewellery Transformation in close collaboration with the SB team. Experienced in handling antique and vintage jewellery, they remove gemstones for repurposing, recycle precious metals, alter and update existing settings and craft new designs in which to set your recycled gems and metals.

4. The Final Piece

When your Jewellery Transformation is complete, it will undergo one final quality check by the SB team. Before posting it to you, we ensure your bespoke jewel is beautifully boxed and packaged in one of our signature SB boxes. Alternatively, you can collect from our Notting Hill boutique. 

Frequently asked questions

We are often asked which types of jewellery can be repurposed, and the answer is almost anything, as long as it is of fine quality. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and if these apply to you, we will let you know during your appointment.

Another frequently asked question is, how much do our Jewellery Transformations cost? This depends on the complexity of the transformation, with prices ranging from approximately £200 to £1,750 for designing a new engagement ring set with recycled stones.

Most of our Jewellery Transformations are delivered to you within 6-8 weeks. However, as with the cost, this does depend on the type of transformation, with complex remodels and redesigns sometimes taking a little longer.

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