If you are sending your jewellery to us, please ensure you use Royal Mail Special Delivery and suitable packaging. We request you also include a note with your contact details and necessary information. Send all jewellery to 24 Powis Terrace, London, W11 1JH. 

Please note that if you wish for your jewellery repair/resize to be posted to you, we charge a flat fee of £15 all inc. 


  • All SB rings come with one complimentary resize within 1 year.
  • All SB engagement rings come with the addition of speed bumps should you need them within 1 year. 
  • Russian wedding rings will be exchanged for a different size within 28 days of purchase.
  • We are unable to resize rings without a correct measurement from an official jeweller. We always recommend visiting the SB studio to ascertain your correct size and cannot take responsibility for any sizing issues that arise from measurements taken elsewhere. 

SB - £80 all inc. if resizing up or down by 2 sizes or less. 

If you wish to increase the size of a ring by 3 sizes or more, we will need to quote because new metal will be required. 

Non SB - As above.

We endeavour to complete any resizing within 10 working days. 


Complimentary Engraving - Includes monograms, dates and up to 10 characters. 

SB - All SB rings come with complimentary engraving. If a Russian wedding ring is engraved, it cannot be resized or exchanged, therefore engraving must be done only once the correct size has been established. 

Certain SB products come with complimentary engraving. Please check our Engraving Page for more information. 

Additional Engraving 

SB - From £65. Should your engraving exceed 10 characters or be more complex, such as fingerprints, seal or motif engraving, we will provide a quote.

Non SB - As above.  


SB - Within 1 year of purchase, we will repair an SB jewel free of charge if there is any sign of a manufacturing error or defect. If it is a matter of wear and tear, we will repair at cost price. After 1 year, we will endeavour to repair any damage at cost so as to ensure your satisfaction and long-term wear of the piece. Please let us know if you would like us to quote for any repairs before proceeding. 

Non SB - To be quoted on a case-by-case basis. We will always quote before the repair to ensure you are happy with us proceeding. 

Guide Prices:  

Broken Chain: From £55 ALL INC.  

Broken Clasp: From £80 ALL INC. 

Missing Melee Diamonds: From £60 ALL INC.

Ring Polish: From £40 ALL INC. 

Earring not clicking: From £30 ALL INC.  

Please note, if the repair is significant and requires remaking the piece of jewellery, it goes into the realm of a rework and the above prices no longer apply. 


Lost Huggie Drops & Hoops

If we have a matching single drop/hoop available, we are happy to sell it for half the price of a full pair.  

Unfortunately, if we do not have a single hoop/drop to match, you will be required to purchase a new pair. 

Other jewellery pieces 

We are unable to cover for any lost jewellery. Any mislaid piece will have to be purchased again. 

Scrap Gold

Should you have any unwanted jewellery that you would like to transform or repurpose, you can put the value of any scrap metal towards a new SB purchase. 

In some instances, we are able to recycle your own metal to recreate a piece with significant sentimental value. Please note that, should you wish to proceed with using your own metal, there are some manufacturing constraints. 


By partnering with a registered valuer, Anna Louise Valuations, we are able to offer valuations for our clients. Anna Dightonis (BA) Hons, FGA, MIRV is part of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) and a member of the Institute of Registered Valuers (IRV) number 98719.

If you are working on a project with Sophie, we can facilitate delivering the pieces to Anna and store your jewellery securely with us. 

A valuation of a single stone diamond ring (up to 1ct) costs £150 all inc. This starting price is dependent on the age of the piece of jewellery, its complexity, and quality/size of the stones involved. 

If you have any questions, please contact Anna: 

Alternatively, please contact us for an introduction.