A Little SB Inspiration on International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day I find myself in the midst of wedding admin and slightly overwhelmed, albeit excited, by all that planning a wedding involves. Whilst in the thick of it, what has become abundantly clear to me is the number of formidable women leading the way in the wedding industry. So, whilst the subject is top of mind at the SB studio (apologies to my team in advance for the months ahead!) I felt now was the time to shine a light on some of the incredible women I have come across in my years as a jeweller and in my short time as a wedding planner!
For those that are reading this at a time where weddings are far in the past, future or not part of the plan, I still encourage you to read on. Most of these women don’t just create wonders for weddings and can offer ideas above and beyond the big day… plus there is some fab SB jewellery styling alongside their top picks from our ready-to-wear collection


Introducing Tattie Rose, Founder - Tattie Rose Studio

Creating thoughtful, beautiful and exciting flowers for weddings, parties and other interesting projects. Flowers are truly at the heart of what Tattie does, but she can also take it so much further…

What is your favourite part of working on a wedding?
My favourite thing about working on a wedding is getting to work with my amazing team in wonderful places and getting to know the couple and forging a friendship with them over the planning process. I also love coming home to our wild cottage having worked really hard with the feeling of accomplishment. 

What advice would you give women juggling work and motherhood?

Try not to be too hard on yourself, there are only so many hours in the day and those little people grow up quickly. Make sure you carve out real time to be fully there for them and then time to really work. Be kind to yourself-  something I am not very good at and am still figuring out. 

What woman inspires you?

There are so many incredible woman who inspire me, both living and from the past, I could write a list that would reach to Australia! My amazing mother, she is one of the hardest working members of our team and at 60 something has so much energy and always brings joy to whoever is lucky enough to be close to her. And, although she is a fictional character I have a deep love and appreciation for Thomas Hardy’s Bathsheba  Everdene, I live in Dorset and can imagine her walking the tracks around our house with fairness, gumption and determination- three qualities I admire in any person.

What was your favourite piece of jewellery you wore yesterday?

Everything Sophie makes is beautiful and being lucky enough to wear a couple of pieces for the day was wonderful, I think The beautiful necklace is my favourite, because it is tough but beautiful- A piece I would wear every day. 

 Introducing Vaani Wadman, Founder - Sugarplum Bakes Cakes  Famous for her buttercream creations, Vaani creates cakes that are elegant in style and unforgettable for both their beauty and flavour. A true romantic at heart, Vaani is honoured to be part of a couples big day.  

What inspired you to start Sugar Plum Bakes?  

I'd worked as a Chemical Engineer in the oil and gas industry for many years but felt deeply unsatisfied. I'd been longing to do something more creative and after my children were born, baking became a real passion for me. And with the support of family and friends, I took the leap to turn my love for baking into a business. 10 years later, feeding people good cake is still so important to me - a cake that is a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

What advice would you give women looking to start their own business?

As well as running Sugar Plum Bakes, I do also mentor fellow creative business owners and more often that not, I see women finding it hard to believe in themselves and having a need for everything to be perfect before they start. So I would say sometimes you have to feel the fear and do things anyway, we all have to start somewhere and even if we fail, we can always pick ourselves up and try again. But I would also encourage surrounding yourself with people who will lift you up, keep cheering you on and believe in you.  

What woman inspires you? 

I am very lucky to have an incredible mother - she inspires me every day with her fierce spirit. She is a true trailblazer! As a child, I saw her not letting society dictate what she should and shouldn't do which inspired me to be bold and adventurous. My Mum has always been independent and strong, and has taught me to stand up for what I believe in. As a mother of daughters myself, I'm trying to do the same for my children and lead by example so that they have the courage and belief to do what they want to do.  

What was your favourite piece of jewellery you wore yesterday? 

All the jewellery that I wore was beautiful but I think I especially loved the ring I wore with the rose coloured stone and the drop earrings I wore at the end of the shoot. They were very special to wear!



Introducing Ella May, Founder & Designer - Ella May London

 Having completed a Diploma at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, Ella May went onto work at CHANEL for six years. It was there she developed the confidence and motivation to grow as a designer. Taking inspiration from her upbringing in the English countryside, all Ella May’s designs channel a powerful femininity and thread hints of nature’s ethereal elegance.

 What motivated you to start your own business? 

It happen very organically... It is early days and I am very much finding my feet in the bridal world. The main reason behind starting my own bespoke wedding dress design business, was with a passion to offer brides a unique and personalised experience. The motivation stems from a deep belief in the beauty of individuality. Every bride deserves a dress that reflects her personality, style, and dreams. I am driven by the desire to provide a platform where brides can actively participate in the creation of their gown, ensuring that it becomes a tangible representation of their uniqueness. Ultimately, the joy of contributing to each bride's special day and witnessing their happiness is the driving force behind my decision to start my own business in bespoke wedding dress design.

What is the first piece of advice you give to a bride when beginning the design process?

 The key advice I offer brides at the start of the design process is to be honest about their preferences and desires, at the end of the day it is their dress! By openly expressing their vision, we can collaboratively create a dress that reflects their unique style. This honesty is essential in crafting a dress that truly resonates with the bride!

What woman inspires you?

 My mum, every minute of the day 

What was your favourite piece of jewellery you wore yesterday?

 The rope hoops (always love and wear a hoop) and also my every day (never taken off) Huggies 

Introducing Clare Doggart, Co-Founder - Doggart & Squash  Renowned for their seasonal and locally sourced food, as well as, distinctive and creative event design, this is no ordinary catering company.
What piece of advice would you have given yourself before starting your business? 
Everything will be ok, trust your gut and make sure you keep doing what you love.
What are you most proud of – business or personal?
Having an amazing team around me. Waking up and loving what I do every day. Watching all our amazing events come together.
What woman inspires you?
All the woman in my family and the women I work with! Also any business owners who are mums!
What was your favourite piece of jewellery you wore yesterday?

Introducing Abbie Roden, Co-Founder - Amie Wine 

 A delicious range of vegan wines to cover every occasion: red, white and rosé. Wines created to be enjoyed with friends. 

 What inspired you to start amie?

 My husband, Will, thought up the idea to start amie during lockdown. He realized that there was a gap in the market, and an opportunity to bring an on-trend, direct-to-consumer rosé to the UK market, without skimping on top quality.

 Can amie personalise your bottles for couples wedding?

We don't do personalisation, but we do offer special discounted pricing for bulk wedding orders! Please get in touch if you're interested - orders@drinkamie.com. Also, you can always print your own stickers to place on the bottles as a personalised label!

 What woman inspires you? 

All of the women on our team inspire me every day. 

 What was your favourite piece of jewellery you wore yesterday?


I LOVED the gold chain bracelet - it was so gorgeous.

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