One-Of-A-Kind Rings

With more than 10 years’ experience designing bespoke rings, Sophie has a very good idea of what clients - and their partners - love. Inspired by Sophie’s world of bespoke, each ring in our One-Of-A-Kind Edit is completely unique, yet you won’t have to wait for them to be handcrafted for you - they are all shoppable today. 

If you are looking for the perfect ring for a special occasion or spur-of-the-moment proposal, our One-Of-A-Kind Edit has got you covered. Individually designed around exceptional centre stones, personally chosen by Sophie because she loves them and knows her clients will too, once a One-Of-A-Kind ring has been chosen, it disappears from our website forever. 

One-Of-A-Kind Octagonal Pink Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring

One-Of-A-Kind Octagonal Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring


Showcasing the prettiest of centre stones, a 1.13 carat octagonal Ceylon pink sapphire, our One-Of-A-Kind Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring in platinum makes a unique statement with its sleek, square silhouette. Framed by a delicate halo of diamonds that extends part-way around the band, the princess cut sapphire was hand-selected by Sophie for its beautiful, blush-pink hue.

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One-Of-A-Kind Teal Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring

One-Of-A-Kind Teal Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring


Sophie chose the gorgeous centre stone for our One-Of-A-Kind Teal Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring because it is excellent value for its size. Teal sapphire ranges from dark green to grey-blue and everything in-between, with this 4.21ct cushion gem displaying strong blueish tones. Large and impressive, it needed nothing more than a very fine diamond halo to frame it. Set in 18 karat yellow gold to accentuate the colour of the teal Sapphire, turn the ring over and a hidden detail is revealed: a floral basket that is designed to make this ring even more special.

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One-Of-A-Kind Toi Et Moi Diamond & Sapphire Ring

One-Of-A-Kind Toi Et Moi Diamond & Sapphire Ring


Inspired by a classic antique toi et moi ring, our One-Of-A-Kind Diamond and Sapphire Toi et Moi Ring is an incredibly romantic jewel. French for “you and me”, a 1 carat round cornflower blue sapphire is set beside a 0.81 carat round brilliant cut diamond, almost but not quite touching, with the 18k yellow gold setting entwining around the stones, symbolic of the joining of two souls.

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One-Of-A-Kind Lilac Spinel & Diamond Cluster Ring

One-Of-A-Kind Lilac Spinel & Diamond Cluster Ring


You don't find many spinels displaying the beautiful lilac hue you see here, which makes our One-Of-A-Kind Lilac spinel and diamond cluster Ring a very special find. Surrounding the 2.73 carat oval lilac spinel is a cluster of round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 2.20 carats, which scatter their light across the centre stone, lighting it up from within.

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The perfect alternative to bespoke

If time is not on your side, our One-Of-A-Kind rings are available to acquire with very little notice. Every ring has been through the same process as our bespoke pieces, with each stone hand-sourced by Sophie, each design created afresh and each ring individually crafted by hand. 

Showcasing an eclectic mix of coloured gem and diamond centre stones in a variety of cuts and settings, there is a One-Of-A-Kind ring to suit every taste, from classic solitaire styles to sleek Art Deco inspired cocktail rings that capture the mood of Sophie’s favourite era of jewellery design.

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