Meet Sophie

Innately creative from a young age, whether drawing and painting or tying fishing flies, Sophie has always loved creating objects that mean something to others. This is what led her to jewellery – being able to design and make bespoke pieces of jewellery that represent everything from love to celebrations, family and a life well lived.

Sophie’s grandfather was one of the Founding Members of De Beers, so you could say jewellery was in her genes. Nonetheless, Sophie headed to St Martin’s to study and on graduation she won the Bright Young Gem Award and was named as a ‘new talent to watch’ by Vogue Italia.

Today, Sophie is known as the modern family jeweller. Traditionally, families worked with one dedicated jeweller, where trust was valued and quality was impeccable. This is the business model Sophie set out to expand upon when she set up in 2012. Word quickly got around and she now finds herself being referred from friend to friend to friend, and working with family members spanning generations.

Q&A with Sophie Breitmeyer

My most cherished piece of jewellery is a necklace with a champagne diamond pendant. The stone was given to me by my parents after I had a realisation one weekend at home that no one was ever going to buy me jewellery again – as let’s be honest, who wants to buy a jeweller jewellery!