Meet Sophie

Sophie Breitmeyer is the modern-day family jeweller. Traditionally, families worked with one dedicated jeweller, where trust was valued and quality was impeccable. Founded in 2010, this is Sophie’s mantra and how she has grown her brand.

Having studied Jewellery Design at Central St Martins alongside working as a trainee mounter in the fine jewellery workshop, HA Jordan, Sophie began her career by initially focusing on Ready-To-Wear fashion pieces. However, it gradually became clear to her that her love was not just for the pieces she designed but also for the people that wore them and the story her jewellery told – here began her bespoke journey. Sophie believes that jewellery should be designed for today whilst remaining timeless. Her designs come from a life lived as a creative, always interested in the arts, fashion, architecture and in particular art deco jewellery, these four combined elements are where she draws her inspiration.

This family jeweller with a modern twist really comes to life through Sophie’s studio in Notting Hill. 24 Powis Terrace is nothing like the usual stark white jewellery stores where gems are locked away under glass. Instead, it’s an eclectic home-from-home where items Sophie has inherited and her jewellery, are discovered dotted amidst art books and oil paintings. A place where clients can come and feel comfortable when often making one of the biggest decisions (or purchases!) of their lives.


Q&A with Sophie Breitmeyer

My most cherished piece of jewellery is a necklace with a champagne diamond pendant. The stone was given to me by my parents after I had a realisation one weekend at home that no one was ever going to buy me jewellery again – as let’s be honest, who wants to buy a jeweller jewellery!