Meet Sophie

Innately creative from a young age, Sophie knew no bounds growing up between the snow-topped French Alps and the wide open spaces of her parents’ farm in Cambridgeshire. Ever curious, she spent years exploring the contents of her mother’s treasured jewellery box and listening wide-eyed to stories about her great-grandfather, one of the founding members of De Beers. So it is unsurprising that she discovered an outlet for her creative flair in fine jewellery design.

In the days of Sophie’s grandfather, families worked with one dedicated family jeweller, where trust was valued and quality was impeccable. This is the business model Sophie set out to recreate when she set up in 2012. Word quickly got around and she now finds herself being referred from friend to friend to friend, and working with family members spanning generations.

This family jeweller with a modern twist retains the unique style which won her the Bright Young Gem award and had her named as the ‘new talent to watch’ by Vogue Italia. In the course of her career she’s worked with Kiki McDonough, William & Son, Winterson & Tateossian; and her work with Fyodor Golan was nominated for Catwalk Jeweller of the Year.

Sophie believes deeply that it is a great privilege to be the one to bring clients’ stories to life with her work – each piece as individual as its owner, signifying love, relationships and history at a unique moment in time.