Meet Sophie

Founded in 2010, SOPHIE BREITMEYER specialises in creating jewellery that will be treasured for a lifetime earning her a name as Notting Hill’s modern-day family jeweller. Blending antique silhouettes with a contemporary edge, Sophie’s designs are formed with modern couples and empowered women in mind. Traditionally, families worked with one dedicated jeweller, where trust is valued, relationships are strong and the quality is impeccable – this is the SOPHIE BREITMEYER mantra.

Influenced by her upbringing and a life lived as a creative, trust, discretion and an affinity for style make Sophie the word of mouth jeweller you’re delighted to discover. An avid reader and continually inspired by the arts, history, fashion, architecture with a particular interest in Art Deco, Sophie draws from complementary creative disciplines to create pieces that all tell a story. 

Having studied Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins, alongside working as a trainee mounter in the fine jewellery workshop, HA Jordan, Sophie began her career with the ultimate jewellery wardrobe in mind – wearable pieces that are intimate and discreet, offering her clients a jewellery uniform that need never come off. A supporter of tradition and hand craftsmanship Sophie works closely with responsible Master Goldsmiths and trusted dealers to produce jewellery imbued with meaning and value.

“Art, literature, fashion and architecture are huge interests and inspirations of mine.  I love work from the artists Lucy Laucht, Emily Ponosnby and JamJar for their palettes as well as compositions and ratios. 

“Architecture is probably the more prominent inspiration of the four. The details and moments you come across when exploring buildings really stick with me. Patterns always catch my eye, along with bold shapes and intricate details which all set the tone for my jewellery.”


Music lover and avid traveller, Tati works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the studio. When she is not answering client’s queries, Tati is in Hatton Garden liaising with stone dealers and with the team in the workshop. Throughout the years working at Sophie’s, she has grown a real talent for sourcing the most unique diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Claire is our most recent addition, she is in charge of all marketing and communication for the business. With a passion for jewellery and a keen eye for all things creative, she manages everything visual; organising photoshoots, designing look books and website. When she is not managing PR and writing newsletter, Claire particularly enjoys photographing Sophie’s new creations. Claire is the face behind our Instagram!

Meet Hackle, the best model of all of us! He is now 10 years old and has a bit less energy but, on a good day he will come to say hello to our visitors and if you feel like it, he loves playing around the shop, he will charm you instantly 😉