Like Mother, Like Daughter – Eponine London

When it comes to finding the most dynamic and fashionable mother-and-daughter duo to photograph wearing your jewellery, we didn’t have to look far – Jet and Nina Shenkman of Eponine London were the perfect SB match. Eponine London, founded by Jet Shenkman, is an elegant, colourful and unique couture womenswear brand inspired by the silhouettes of the 50s, 60s and 70s. We headed to their studio, nestled at the bottom of a beautiful mews, to play dress-up with SB jewellery and Eponine’s stunning dresses.

Which SB piece of jewellery was your favourite from the shoot?

NINA: I loved the Heritage Gold Hoops and the chunky bracelet. Such fab everyday pieces.

JET: I loved the stacking rings – we’re both big stackers.

Which piece would you have chosen from the SB collection for each other and why?

JET: I’d choose the Heritage Oval Pendant and Chain for Nina. She loves chunky necklaces.

NINA: I’d choose the Baguette Emerald Drops for Mum. They would look so pretty with her blue eyes, and she loves wearing colour.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery and why?

JET: My charm necklace – each of the charms has been given to me by my husband or by friends over the years. As my collection of charms has grown, the necklace has become such a treasure.

NINA: I’d say one of my most precious pieces is a silver ring that my big sister gave me and my siblings for Christmas a few years ago. It has the first letter of each of our names carved into the band.

What does jewellery mean to you?

NINA: It’s the ultimate way to personalise an outfit and make it yours. But also, it’s about the story behind each piece; where you bought it, who gave it to you, why they gave it to you – or why you bought it for yourself. Jewellery is full of love, really!

JET: I completely agree. It’s an extension of all you have experienced.

What is your everyday go-to piece of jewellery you wear and why?

NINA: I have a collection of rings I wear daily and am very attached to. Each one is sentimental in some way.

JET: My engagement ring and my smiley face earrings.

Have you had a piece of jewellery passed down to you from a family member?

NINA: Yes! Mum gave me a Cartier Russian wedding ring that my dad got for her as a gift soon after they’d met. It’s another of my favourites. I love gold – it’s my favourite – and adore Russian wedding rings, but I mainly love it because it’ll always remind me of them.

Lastly, which Eponine dress is your top choice and why?

NINA: Too many to choose from! So, I’ll cheat a bit and choose my favourite from our AW20 Couture collection: the Cordelia dress. It’s made from vintage Hmong and Transylvanian hand-embroidered fabric, and it’s just so happy and colourful.

JET: I’ll do the same: the Hippolyta jumpsuit. Very elegant and versatile to wear.

I have a collection of rings I wear daily and am very attached to. Each one is sentimental in some way.

Nina, Eponine London

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