‘Tis the season of personalised SB jewellery

From engraved jewels and birthstone pendants to Modular pieces that can be added to over time, personalised jewellery has long been a best-seller at Sophie Breitmeyer, particularly at this time of year when we are searching for gifts for our loved ones. A wonderfully thoughtful gesture that shows you have taken the time and effort to select a gift that is truly meaningful, it is this depth of meaning that makes personalised pieces so appealing to both the giver and the receiver.


A canvas for expressing your love in a way that is entirely unique, adding initials, a memorable date or a little message to a jewel using our complimentary engraving service will transform your gift into a personalised token of love. From a disc pendant, eternity band and signet ring to cufflinks or a charm bracelet, simply decide what you would like engraved - with space for up to 10 characters (7-8 for curved bands) and a choice of 15 different fonts - and our artisans will do the rest. 

For centuries, birthstones have painted a very personal picture of their wearer. A classic SB gift, our Birthstone Disc pendants in 9 carat yellow gold can be customised with the birthstone of your choice. With each month of the year represented by a different stone with unique qualities and meaning, choose the gem that corresponds with the birth month of your beloved and, to make your gift even more special, choose to have her name engraved on the reverse. 

Acrostic jewellery was hugely popular in the 19th century, when Victorians used the first letter of each gemstone to secretly spell out their feelings in jewellery form. A modern interpretation of this beautiful, symbolic tradition, the SB acrostic pendant is fully personalisable. Add a word, name or phrase of up to seven characters - ideas include a message of love, a pet name or the date you first met - or choose her favourite gems for the most unique and individual gift. 

The pinnacle of personalised jewellery is a completely bespoke piece, however if time is not on your side, there is Sophie’s Modular edit. Inspired by her love of creating timeless, bespoke jewellery, it presents a complete wardrobe of pieces that can be mixed, matched and added to over time. If she doesn’t already own any Modular jewels, a gold chain is the perfect place to start - there are five different styles to choose from - with a range of connectors and pendants offering a myriad of future gift ideas. 

With the festive season fast approaching, don’t forget to factor in some time for your SB jewels to be personalised - up to four weeks for engraving and birthstone pendants. And if you are unsure of which jewel will suit her best, we’d be delighted to help. Get in touch and we can help guide you to the perfect piece that, as a reminder of your love and connection, is destined to become one of her most worn and cherished possessions.

The Modern-Day Family Jeweller

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