'The Garden', A collaborative exhibition by designer and artist Jess Wheeler and photographer Lottie Hampson.

Having worked together in a variety of ways over the years since they met in 2013, Jess and Lottie are now presenting their first exhibition together titled The Garden. A collection of Jess’ sculptural pieces are complimented by Lottie’s photo etchings and will be displayed at Sophie Breitmeyer’s Notting Hill shop this Spring.

Both have strong roots in the British countryside, particularly the scenery of Wales, and share a love of the natural world. For this exhibition they have woven together fragments of the landscape that they inhabit, creating an ode to the garden. The resulting works are intimate studies of the plants, animals and views they are inspired by; ones that uncover their emotional and physical qualities of their personal experiences in the landscape.

Jess Wheeler designer and artist based in North Wales. Her cross disciplinary approach has a unified, nostalgic, nature driven narrative. Her work aims to remind the viewer the beauty and fragility of our natural world, it is therefore important to Jess that her pieces transcend seasonality and have a conscience.

Lottie Hampson is an artist based in London, predominantly working with photography. The images Lottie makes are a quiet meditation on her surroundings, slowly building a sense of place through observations of light and landscapes, interiors and objects, fragments of the people and creatures that inhabit these places. Lottie’s practice encompasses a variety of mediums, and the physical process of making is important to her. She uses primarily 35mm and medium format analogue cameras for their capacity to encourage slow- er, closer looking. Negatives are developed and scanned and printed, and for the work in this show, reproduced in a printmaking studio as etching plates. Each piece is then printed by hand, which continues the laborious and intimate sequence of slow processes, creating a sense of depth and turning each work into a unique artefact.

Discover the exhibition at 24 Powis Terrace, W11 1JH.

Available until the end of August 2023. @lottiehampson

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