Step into the Party Season in Citrine and Topaz, November’s Birthstones

With the nights drawing in, we can always rely on November’s birthstones to shake us out of our autumn slumber and prepare us for the party season ahead. It can’t be a coincidence that the two birthstones of this month, citrine and topaz, are among the brightest of all the birthstones. What more could we ask for to lift our spirits than citrine, the yellow variety of quartz, a zingy gem that is believed to carry the power of the sun, and topaz, which comes in a whole rainbow of vibrant colours?

The sunshine glow of citrine

Nature has a way of capturing the essence of a season in its gems, and for those born in November, citrine embodies the autumnal spirit. Its colour palette spans from soft, sunny yellows to rich amber, echoing the autumn leaves. Sophie is particularly drawn to citrines displaying golden stones that illuminate the wearer when worn beside the skin, like the oval citrine drops in her cocktail earrings.

Believed to bring positive energy to those who wear them, the name citrine is derived from the French word “citron”, meaning lemon. With an innate transparency and sparkle, they are an irresistible choice for those who appreciate the play of light and colour in a gemstone.

Like all precious stones, citrines have traditionally been prized for their metaphysical properties, as well as their beauty. Many believe that they carry the energy of the sun, infusing their wearer with warmth and vitality. Often considered a stone of abundance and manifestation, this gemstone is also thought to promote success and prosperity, making it a meaningful choice for those embarking on new ventures or seeking personal growth.

The bright brilliance of topaz

One of the most enchanting features of topaz, the second birthstone of November, is its expansive range of colours, with blue the shade most commonly associated with this month. Sophie loves working with blue and green topaz in particular, with their light, clear tones bringing a fresh beauty to her designs that no other stone can rival.

Over the centuries, topaz has been regarded as a powerful symbol of strength and protection.

With a rich history dating back to past civilisations, the Ancient Egyptians believed that topaz received its glow from the sun god Ra, associating it with warmth, energy and protection. The Ancient Greeks, meanwhile, wore topaz to give them strength. 

One of topaz’s most striking features is its exceptional transparency and clarity, with its crystal-clear depths allowing light to dance within. This innate clarity not only enhances its beauty but also brings a mesmerising brilliance to the SB diamond halo necklace and Huggie Hoops with topaz drops.

When the lights catch the facets of these gems, November’s birthstones come alive with the kind of radiant glow that goes hand in hand with the Holiday season, making citrines and topaz the perfect celebratory gems for the party season ahead, whether you’re dancing on tables or meeting friends for a festive dinner.

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