Sophie predicts the jewellery trends for 2024

As we head into a new year, it’s time for a little reflection at Sophie Breitmeyer as we look back on the designs that have been popular in 2023 and anticipate the trends to have on your radar for the year ahead. From tennis bracelets and green sapphires to rings, rings and more rings, we sat down with Sophie to find out her predictions for the top jewellery trends for 2024. 

The popularity of coloured stones has skyrocketed in recent years, with many choosing them over a more traditional diamond for their engagement. For 2024, Sophie anticipates this trend becoming even more pronounced, with previously overlooked colours having their moment in the spotlight. While teal sapphires continue to be a desirable alternative to a deep blue stone, requests for forest green and yellow sapphires have risen in recent months as clients look beyond the classics and seek out more unusual coloured stones. 

We have also witnessed a significant shift in tastes in the world of wedding bands. Gone are the days of choosing a plain gold band - now a diamond set band is the go-to for brides-to-be. “The definition of the eternity ring has definitely changed,” says Sophie. “Once given as a way of reiterating our commitment and devotion, diamond eternity rings are now the number-one choice for a wedding ring.” 

Stacking rings kick-started the trend for jewellery layering, which remains as strong as ever, and Sophie predicts that wearing multiple rings across the fingers will continue to be a key trend throughout 2024. From Russian wedding rings and Heritage rings, everyone wants rings, including diamond eternity rings. You don’t have to be getting married anytime soon to enjoy our Wreath design - a best-seller in 2023 - with many choosing to wear this eternity-style ring on the right hand, rather than on the ring finger.

For several years now, bracelet trends have been driven by the desire to build a stack that you rarely take off, and that shows no sign of abating. “We launched our diamond tennis bracelets in 2023 and they have quickly emerged as a contender for most-wanted jewel in 2024,” says Sophie. “Part of the wider trend for curating a jewellery wardrobe of classic pieces, a tennis bracelet fits perfectly alongside an engagement ring, eternity ring, diamond studs and a chunky gold chain.”



Reworking inherited jewels to create something new is Sophie’s final prediction for the jewellery trends of 2024. We will be publishing an article devoted to the subject in January that will explore the process in more detail, but it is safe to say that we completed more jewellery transformations in 2023 than in any other year. Whether it is jewellery passed down from grandparents or inherited heirlooms that are looking a little dated, Sophie is anticipating growing demand for this bespoke service, which breathes new life into old treasures by transforming them into something completely new to love. 

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