Introducing The Antique Edit

Sophie is delighted to present her new edit showcasing unique rings, each distinguished by a central feature: an antique diamond. What makes antique diamonds so special? Sophie explains.

The Antique Diamond Edit has been months in the making because good quality antique diamonds are very hard to come by. Increasingly sought-after for their distinctive beauty, I have devoted months to searching for the antique diamonds you see here. Each is a precious piece of history that links its wearer to the past and a fantastic diamond in its own right, with charm and personality in abundance. 

Unlike the high-tech machines that are used to cut diamonds today, antique diamonds were shaped using rudimentary techniques, before the invention of electricity. Picture diamond artisans of the past, cutting diamonds by hand to shine brightest beneath candlelight. This is why antique diamonds don’t scintillate like a new diamond. Instead, they emit a warm glow and soft sparkle that is beautifully understated - the reason why I love antique diamonds so much

With larger facets and a softer silhouette, their old-world charm simply cannot be replicated today. A testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of the past, the fact that they have been recycled from old jewels and are therefore an excellent ethical choice is also hugely appealing.

Taking inspiration from classic antique ring settings, there is a little piece of the past in the design of each One-Of-A-Kind ring also. From a daisy cluster ring, set with an old cut round diamond in a mixed-metal setting, to a classic cushion cut diamond solitaire, accompanied by antique pear shaped diamond side stones, our Antique Diamond Edit blends the elegance of past eras with the reassuringly robust craftsmanship of a newly made ring.

Please do book an appointment to come and view our newest rings in person. There really is no better way to discover the inherent beauty and romance of these wonderful stones. 

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