À Table: New Art Exhibition at the SB Boutique Celebrates the Joy of Eating Together

From extravagant Sunday lunches with the whole family to simple suppers with our nearest and dearest, a new art exhibition at the SB boutique in Notting Hill celebrates the joy of eating together. Titled ‘A Table!’, the group show features works by different painters, ceramicists and textile artists, curated by multi-disciplinary artist and stylist Camilla Wordie.



Friends for many years, Sophie and Camilla have worked together on a number of photo shoots. A long-time admirer of her eye for colour, balance and storytelling, Sophie chose Camilla to curate the exhibition because her exquisite sense of style and eye for detail meant that she was beautifully placed to select pieces that will both shine in their own right, as well as work collectively.  

The idea was to create an exhibition that reflects on themes that are relevant to Sophie’s clientele and which complement the ethos of the SB brand. At our heart we are a family jeweller, and we know there is nothing more natural and pleasurable than getting together around the table with our loved ones. 

Many of our clients are also at the stage of their life where they are buying first homes and filling them with things they love. From contemporary still-life paintings to embroidered cushions and ceramic candlesticks, ‘A Table!’ is the perfect opportunity to pick up a unique artwork for your home, with every piece in the exhibition shoppable.

Based between London and Wilshire, Camilla works with a variety of brands, including Net-a Porter, Bias Editions and The Rosewood Hotel. Her minimalist aesthetic, which can be traced back to her Scandinavian roots and time spent in Tokyo, can be felt throughout ‘A Table!’, with each chosen artist bringing something unique to the theme. 

On 12th October we hosted an intimate preview of ‘A Table!’, sponsored by Balfour Winery We’d like to extend a big thanks to all those clients and friends who came to explore the works on show and meet the artists who created them.  

‘A Table!’ at the Sophie Breitmeyer boutique, 24 Powis Terrace, London W11 1JH


The Modern-Day Family Jeweller

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