The SB One-Of-A-Kind Ready-To-Wear Engagement Rings

Sophie Breitmeyer tells us about her One-Of-A-Kind ready-to-wear engagement rings, and why they are a great alternative to our bespoke process if time is not on your side…

These engagement rings are One-Of-A-Kind because once they have been chosen, they disappear off the website forever. Unlike permanent collections, each ring is truly unique. We are never going to replicate exactly the same ring as we have done before, making your ring effectively one a kind.

What does the process of making an One-Of-A-Kind engagement ring look like?

What is important to note about the One-Of-A-Kind rings is that they have been through the same bespoke process that we offer our clients. All the stones have been personally hand-sourced by me, and effectively the rings go through the design and manufacturing process in the same way that all our bespoke rings do. The only difference is that the One-Of-A-Kind rings are available to acquire with very little notice. 

What different kinds of One-Of-A-Kind rings do you offer?

The rings we offer vary from season to season, it’s something that we are looking to continually extend; once pieces are sold new pieces will arrive. We have a mixture of coloured stones and diamond rings following the colour trends that we have observed. The rings are based on some of our most popular styles, a lot of them are art deco inspired for instance. I like to feature antique diamonds as well as a mixture of yellow and gold platinum. 

All the stones come from a certified dealer, some of the stones are certified, some are not, but they all come with insurance paperwork. The rings are also made in London, from recycled gold.  

What do I need to do to acquire a Sophie Breitmeyer One-Of-A-Kind engagement ring?

All the rings are effectively ready to go, you can browse and pick one’s favourite from our engagement ring section. If you are not sure of what size to get, our standard size is L (which is one size below British average) and resizing is all part of the package, and can be done post-proposal. If you know what size you want, we are happy to resize the ring for you pre-delivery. We also offer an annual servicing of your ring, making sure that everything is up to scratch, it’s also a great occasion to clean up your ring.

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