Bridal jewellery trends for 2023

Sophie reflects on some of the key bridal jewellery looks from 2022 and predicts what will be trending in 2023.

What are some of the key trends in bridal jewellery right now?

Sophie: Octagonal and Art Deco-inspired engagement rings remain very popular. I think the key trends in bridal jewellery at the moment are coloured gemstones, particularly more unusual colours such as teal and yellow.

With engagement rings, what is proving popular?  Which diamond cuts are in demand, and how do you design around these?

Sophie: Oval diamonds are one of the most popular cuts at the moment. This is proving quite complex owing to a global shortage, which has led to very high prices. As a designer, I have to be incredibly clever about how I design around ovals owing to the fact that clients can get significantly less for their money.

Looking at wedding bands, what would you say are the most popular styles? For women, how important is it that a wedding ring perfectly fits an engagement ring?

Sophie: Women appear to want one of two styles right now: a pair of rings that sit very neatly together or a pair of rings that have a point of difference to ensure they look like two separate entities.

Fancy-shaped diamond eternity rings have massively risen in popularity for women’s wedding bands. Gone are the days when an eternity ring came at a later date, following on from a plain wedding ring. Now, the majority of customers have an eternity ring as a wedding ring. For men, most of our clients have never worn jewellery before. Therefore, they tend to go for a classic, like our lightweight court wedding band.

Which metals are proving popular?

Sophie: Yellow gold still stands as our most popular metal choice by a long shot. 

In terms of ethics and traceability, how important is this to bridal shoppers?

Sophie: This has become a larger part of the conversation. More clients ask this question than ever before.

How do you imagine the bridal market will evolve in 2023?

Sophie: I think the colour will remain a big trend, and bezel settings and more metal-heavy rings will continue to rise in popularity. I also predict that people will get more creative with the classics. So rather than a traditional three-stone ring set with round diamonds, they will opt for a ring with more personality. Interest in our engagement rings with coloured centre stones, accompanied by a half moon, trapezoid, baguette or heart shape diamond side stones, has definitely risen in recent months.


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