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Yoanna Hanbury aka MamaBear


Mum to Cara and Cressida, and founder of @mama_bear_necessities, Yoanna is the go-to lady for tips on health, fitness and raising girls. Warm hearted, bright and beautiful, the ultimate mama bear #yoannahanbury has become a hashtag in her own right.

You have quite a collection! What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

That’s a difficult one! But if I had to pick, my favourite piece would have to be my beautiful engagement ring. Not only is it absolutely stunning but it means so much to me.

Do you have any go-to everyday pieces?

As I have two small children, I don’t tend to wear too much jewellery… Things get tugged and pulled and broken if I do! Other than my wedding and engagement rings, I wear more classic pieces on a daily basis, like my gold necklace engraved with both my daughters’ fingerprints and the Hanbury signet ring with a SB diamond keeper (which I absolutely adore!) next to my Cartier trinity ring.

Which pieces would you choose to pass down to Cara and Cressida?

I’ll pass all my jewellery on to my girls. Except for my engagement ring, which I’d give to a boy if we have one in the future… Both of our families have some lovely heirlooms that are traditionally passed on to the eldest daughter, so Cara will get those. And to make it fair, Cressida will get other beautiful pieces that have meant a lot to me. Time will tell what each of the girls’ characters will be and what pieces will suit them/what they’ll like!

If you were to design a bespoke piece of jewellery for the girls, what would it be?

I would love to create a ring that symbolised their bond with each other, their character and beauty. Both identical in every way except that each would be set with their individual birthstone.

What is your favourite SB piece?

It was my birthday few weeks ago and I received the loveliest present from my amazing husband, Charlie: beautiful SB diamond and topaz earrings with a matching ring!

What does jewellery represent for you?

For me jewellery always represents something very sentimental. Some of my favourite pieces belonged to my mother or grandmother, or my husband’s family. In my opinion, jewellery says a lot about its owner. I think it’s incredible how a specific piece empowers people and helps them express themselves through wearing it.