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SB Styled at Home with Alice Ashby

During a week celebrating the wonders of women, both International Womens Day and Mothering Sunday, we have been busy behind-the-scenes chatting to three super women about how they’ve juggled work, motherhood and family life during the pandemic. Today we introduce you to Alice Ashby, Founder & Designer of the amazing knitwear brand Blake LDN.

What is the most special piece of jewellery you own and why?

I would have to say my engagement ring. It is a beautiful French Old cut diamond cluster ring. My husband chose it completely on his own (he luckily has great taste!). Followed closely by each present for the birth of our children. For my first I have a gold disc engraved necklace with my daughters name on which I wear everyday. A diamond eternity ring engraved with my second daughters name and DOB and for my little boy I am still thinking…. :))

Has your mother passed down or given you a piece of jewellery and if so what was the meaning behind it?

My mother has given me some lovely pieces over the years for big birthdays which I treasure. A black pearl necklace for my 18th, a gold antique locket for my 21st and a chunky gold charm bracelet for my 30th. I have also been lucky enough to receive some pieces from my Grandmother. A few of her rings and brooches. These are pieces I will definitely pass down to my girls. I love having something which has history and sentimental value.

 What would you say has been your biggest success to come out of lockdown?

Personally my third baby! Professionally producing two collections (our core and our Shoopy studio collaboration) while juggling being a full time mum .. like so many others!

If you were to design a piece of jewellery to wear now and give to your child/children later down the line – what would it be?

I recently saw a beautiful necklace which connected together but each three pieces are on a separate chain for each of its wearers. I love this idea. Rather like a grown up friendship necklace where each daughter/son has a part but they all fuse back together.

From the SB collection which piece have you fallen for most and why?

I adore the gold diamond hoops – something truly classic for everyday. I love a chunky gold chain like the Belcher or Heritage and love the diamond bangle.

How has being a working mum been during lockdown – did you come up with any tricks that helped you cope?

Patience, planning and organisation. For both work and family time! Strangely this collection which was made in and throughout lockdown has been our best and most well received. Sometimes having the bare min of time creates the best results as you are truly focused on the task and not procrastinating. We also really went back to our core values and created a collection that reflected this which I think given the year we had people connected and appreciated it the brand values.