The studio is an eclectic home-from-home where you can find items Sophie has collected from her travels as well as new contemporary art collections on the walls. Her jewellery can be discovered dotted amidst art books and oil paintings, treasures found by a discerning eye. A place where clients can feel comfortable away from passers by, a space where they can relax and learn while making decisions around one of their greatest investments. 

“The Art Deco era has also influenced my studio aesthetic from the soft, warm but plentiful interior colours, to a wall of curiosities curated with archival magazines, ornaments and jewellery.  One of my favourite areas is a wall of photographs brought in by clients over the years. They showcase the special days I have been involved with even though I am not present on the day. These thoughtful memories make everything I work on even more worthwhile.” 

Sophie’s studio is set right in the heart of Notting Hill, West London. Kept company by her dog, Hackle, this is where she designs, creates and welcomes clients.

The SB Team have made a home from home with comfy chairs and a relaxed atmosphere. The studio is open by appointment only from Monday to Friday – evening appointments are available on Mondays & Tuesdays. Whether you have a commission or just want some friendly advice, all are welcomed for a cup of tea (or even something a little stronger).

24 Powis Terrace, London, W11 1JH

+44 (0) 20 7243 2253