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Discover Sophie’s new collaboration with Jean-Noel Soni, aka Top Notch Faceting.

With his uniquely shaped and faceted precious gemstones, Jean Noel Soni has built himself a reputation as one of the most innovative stone cutters in the jewellery industry today. 

In our new and exciting Top Notch Faceting collaboration, Sophie has designed four retro platinum and gold cocktail rings featuring Madagascan green & blue sapphires, a Tanzanian garnet and a red Vietnamese spinel. Each stone has been set with a diamond halo to capture the unique shapes within Jean-Noels’ work.

Self-taught Jean-Noel takes what most dealers & cutters would see as imperfections and creates extraordinary shaped stones maximising the raw materials potential. Often his stones play with a graduation of colours and hues. It is this signature style that inspired Sophie to suggest a collaboration.

Sophie and Jean-Noel met some 4-5 years ago via a chance social media post which led Sophie to reach out to him after becoming fascinated by his work. Sophie has a great appreciation and understanding of a jeweller’s raw materials and could quickly see how special Top Notch’s stones were. Jean-Noel travels to remote countries and sources all the raw materials himself often direct from the mines, he has a very unique way of cutting the gems with an open cullet, which is a characteristic most commonly associated with antique stones. Jean-Noel’s stones are a far cry from what can be found on the UK market; where traditional dealers may see colour hues and alternate shapes as less than perfect, these have become his signature style. 

Sophie and Jean-Noel’s friendship has since turned into a long-term design collaboration. After a 2019 trip to Tucson, Sophie was inspired to use some of Topnotch’s latest stones for a new capsule ring collection of four pieces. 

Sophie’s design ethos is to create future heirlooms. The bombe shape of the Top Notch rings is reminiscent of the antique styles she loves so much, and after much exploration and design development with alternate setting styles and mounts, this shape has become the perfect base for the collection. A finely shaped bezel setting and slim diamond halo contrasts the clean plain of the bombe shape and thus captures the uniqueness of these one of a kind gemstones.

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