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Rediscovering Your Sparkle…

A very happy New Year from the SB team!

While many of us made New Year’s resolutions we’re grappling with already, we say 2019 is not about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. It’s about transformations – looking at what you have with a new perspective – and rediscovering the sparkle.

After the excesses of the Christmas season, you’ll be glad to hear one of the biggest misconceptions about transforming jewellery is cost. With the new technology available to us, transforming an old brooch into a pendant for example really needn’t break the bank. Starting from scratch to achieve a more elaborate setting with loose stones is a complicated operation but a simple transformation can be achieved for as little as £100.

To celebrate 2019, the year of transformations, we’ve picked a few of our SB favourites:

Souvenirs bought back from Sri Lanka years ago sat languishing in a drawer before being transformed into this unique asymmetric piece.

Family heirloom transformed from an unused brooch into a crescent moon pendant, the picture of elegant simplicity. Now worn and loved every day.

This client’s mother left her a loose diamond to transform into a ring. This modern setting is a show-stopper.

So if it’s tired brooch to loved necklace, loose gems to special-occasion earrings or the ring of your dreams … if you are considering breathing new life into an old treasure this year, please get in touch with Sophie.