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Lay London

When a global pandemic stands in your way, its time to get creative or should we say, its time to ask others to get creative…

Intrdoucing “SB styled at home” with LAY London and the sister duo behind it. Jemima & Alice who have embarked on a mission to re-imagine the way we host: more fun, less fuss, no waste. LAY London is the city’s first tablescape rental service, delivering perfect party looks straight to your door. It’s what dinner party dreams are made of!

We caught up with Jemima and Alice (Sadly not via dinner party but zoom) to talk about some of their favourite pieces of jewellery and what they wear both every day as well as when hosting.


Which SB piece of jewellery was your favourite from your shoot?
JEMIMA: All the pieces were beautiful but I particularly loved wearing the diamond bands, either on their own, on next door fingers or stacked. Such silky smooth bands too, which fitted like a glove.

What is your everyday go to piece of jewellery and why?
JEMIMA: Probably huggie hoops because my ears feel horribly bare without anything at all, so little hoops like these are perfect for every day and comfy to sleep in too.

Have you had a piece of jewellery passed down to you from a family member? If so what does it mean to you and will you keep it as it is or have it transformed into something you could wear everyday
ALICE: My mum gave me her Russian wedding ring in white, yellow and rose gold. It was hers forever until she needed a replacement. The bands are slightly soft and worn down, probably from the satisfying habit of sliding the rings around. It’s simple and not über blingy but I wouldn’t change it. I love that I can wear it swimming in the sea… or doing the washing up!

What one piece of jewellery would you choose from SB full collection?
JEMIMA: This is a hard one! So tricky I’m afraid I have had to choose two… I’d go for the Heritage Rope rings in yellow gold as I think they’d look great paired with a t-shirt and jeans, plus the Love Heart Drops Huggie Hoops which are the prettiest earrings I have ever seen!

What does jewellery mean to you?
JEMIMA: Jewellery to me has been a sort of rite of passage. From wonderfully tacky princess jewellery as a child to first getting my ears pierced and then onwards to ‘real jewellery’, with each milestone birthday. Now I suppose I will treat myself as an when something extra special catches my eye and that I know will last a lifetime.

Which piece would you have chosen from the collection for Jemima/Ali and why?
ALICE: I’d gift (a very lucky) Jemima the gold Shooting Star Bracelet. She has a yearlong tan I’m enviable of, so yellow gold is always her colour.
JEMIMA: Alice would look amazing in the One Of A Kind Diamond Memory Lariat – it’s such a striking piece.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery you own and why?
ALICE: I have a gold crucifix from Mykonos that I treasure. It’s set with glow-y yellow citrines that remind me of days spent sweltering under the Greek sun. A welcome daydream from London!

Lastly, any recommendation of a hobby/book/programme etc you have loved during lockdown?
ALICE: I read Normal People by Sally Rooney and immediately followed by the 12-part TV series, within the space of a few days. Obsessed. I’ve also been loving a weekly Whatsapp ‘pub quiz’ with friends to keep my brain sharp (with bizarre or useless facts).

Thank you Jemima and Alice. Looking forward to a LAY London dinner party soon. My personal favourite is English Garden.