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Rihanna wears SB cushion signet at the NBA, New York

Those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Sophie understand she isn’t known as the modern-day family jeweller for nothing. On any given day, you’ll find her in in her typical studio uniform – a mix of Scottish cashmere and Converse that attests to her unique marriage of British elegance and quality – and the reality of life spent on her feet hunting out the best stones in Hatton Garden. She lives her brand.

This was the spirit that inspired her pieces to be worn everyday. Simple everyday elegance that is a permanent fixture: whether you’re wearing Louis Vuittons or jeans and trainers (the reality for most of us).

A colleague once asked me if my dress was a Temperley– sheepishly I had to admit it was actually ‘a Primark’. She pointed at my ring, “when you’re wearing diamonds you just assume…” by way of explanation. It’s amazing how many times I’ve been misled by a designer handbag or a signet ring. As the adage goes ‘accessorise up’ and it seems beautiful jewellery can elevate any outfit. Especially if, like Sophie’s huggie hoops, you can move from day to night with semiprecious detachable drops, transforming casual hoops into evening glamour.

The jewellery we hold close to us is significant, whether it symbolises the person who gave it to us, our heritage or a meaningful moment. We hold it close to us metaphorically – but also literally. To wear everyday, jewellery requires crafting and materials that are both elegant and robust. This is why these pieces are built to last a full, busy, active life be it in stilettos, brogues or Converse.