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‘The Jenks Sisters’


Daisy Van Straubenze and Kitty Jenks, otherwise known as ‘The Jenks Sisters’, are the hot ticket when it comes to event videography.

They set up their joint business, Jenks & Co., in 2010 and have since covered over 1000 events in over 13 countries worldwide, creating videos for anything from high profile weddings and parties, to hens, christenings and corporate events.

Gone is the age of wallflower event videographers: these two have set a new precedent in the industry – young, vibrant, and fun, they add to the party vibe, getting party goers into the swing with their famous lip synch videos and corralling guests onto the dance floor.

We caught up with Daisy and Kitty to talk about some of their favourite pieces of jewellery and what they wear both on and off party duty.

What are your ‘go to’ jewellery pieces?

Daisy: I tend to wear the same thing every day: my amazing engagement ring, wedding band, signet ring, classic everyday hoops and bespoke Daisy necklace. If I was going on a night out, I might change up my earrings to something bigger and bolder!

Kitty: I like to keep it simple; I’ve got two rings that I love and a pair of earrings I wear all the time. I literally sleep in them, shower in them – they never come off!

Do you have any pieces that are particularly special to you?

Kitty: My boyfriend Max bought me these earrings for my birthday that I absolutely love, they mean a lot because they came from him. He really got this one right!

Daisy: It would have to be my engagement ring. Charlie designed it to look like a flower – I love the thought and effort he has put into it, it’s so him, I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you were to give each other a piece of jewellery what would it be? 

Daisy: Ohh… I’d give Kitty a pair of daisy earrings to remind her of me! Or a pendent with a dancing stick figure – we spend so much time dancing together.

Kitty: It’s a bit mad but we do this thing… our version of a peace sign is holding up our pinky fingers. I’d love to give her a pendent or a disk with an engraving of that sign. It’s something we’ve done since we were kids and it still makes us laugh.

What SB pieces do you have in your collection and why?

Daisy: Little Piece of my Heart. The name says it all!

Kitty: My huggie hoops. They go with everything. They add a little bit of sparkle but are never too much…