The SB One-Of-A-Kind Engagemen....

Sophie Breitmeyer is telling us about her One-of-a-Kind engagement rings, and why they are a great alternative to our bespoke process if time is not on your side…
The One-Of-A-Kind engagement rings are one of a kind because once they have been chosen, they disappear from the website forever. Unlike permanent collections, each ring is truly unique. We are never going to replicate exactly the same ring as we have done before, making your ring effectively one a kind.

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Behind the Stone: Sapphire

Behind the Stone: Sapphire In our new ‘Behind the Stone’ blog series, we aim to provide you with information about the most famous of the precious stones featured in the Sophie Breitmeyer pieces. First up is Sapphire. Sapphire is considered to be one of the three main precious gemstones alongside ruby and emerald. Sapphire is[...]Read more
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